I want to fly in a hot air balloon but I’m afraid of heights


Booking a hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti is an exciting moment, but for some, it comes with an added sense of worry.

For those who suffer with a mild to moderate fear of heights, you might be feeling a mixture of emotions. While you’re hopefully looking forward to the once in a lifetime experience of flying in a hot air balloon, you might also be wondering what to expect and whether you’ll really have the courage to do it.

We want to set your mind at ease. We’ve been in the hot air balloon business since the 1970s and have given more than 225,000 people the bucket-list experience of a lifetime and so many of our passengers have told us that any fears and concerns they had, completely disappeared as soon as they took to the air.

So here are a few things you can expect from a balloon ride with us;

Smooth take-off

We know the anticipation of the hot air balloon flight can be the most nerve-wracking. Our friendly staff will soon put your minds at rest, you’ll be reassured of the safety guidelines, and safely secured into the basket ready for a smooth take-off. We are one of the few companies in the world to embark our guests when the basket is on its side, we call it the ‘astronaut’ position- it’s the safest way.

Our pilots run through a rigorous pre-flight checklist, and if they are not completely happy with the conditions and wind speed at the time of take-off, the flight will simply not go ahead and we will rebook you for the next day or give you a full refund.

Experienced pilots

Our pilots are the most experienced and knowledgeable in Tanzania. Not only are they trained to the highest international standards, they also have years of experience in harnessing the African wind.

A surprising number of our passengers admit to having a fear of heights, but almost all of them said how pleased they were to have taken the flight and that, in the end, their worries were unfounded.

Full licensing

All our balloons are fully licensed and annually inspected by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. They are all fitted with passenger safety belts (we were the first balloon ride company to make this compulsory), rapid deflations systems, steel skids and baskets reinforced with Lexan panels – all of which make them safer.

The balloons are also retired well before the end of their technical lifespan, so you can rest assured you’ll be flying in a safe, top of the range vessel.

Incredible views

Finally, if you’re still concerned about your fear of heights getting in the way of this magical experience, we’re confident you’ll have forgotten all about them by the time you’re in the air.

The truly spectacular views of the Serengeti, the migrating animals, and the stunning colours that the sunrise washes over the landscape will soon distract you from your fears.

For more information about our Balloon Safaris, take a look at our website, and read our TripAdvisor reviews for real life experiences of hot air balloon rides with a fear of heights.

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