How about flying in a private balloon?


A hot air balloon safari across the Serengeti is one of the best adventures our guests experience on their entire safari in Tanzania! Make it a private balloon flight and you’ve added icing to the cake!

Your breath-taking adventure starts with a night-drive as you head to our launch site, hoping to catch a glimpse the Serengeti nightlife with the anticipation of the safety briefing in the lightening dawn sky and a cup of hot spicy coffee in your hand. There’s the excitement of the launch, all fans, noise, flame and movement until suddenly you’re drifting silently over the plains, seeking out wildlife or simply just absorbing yourself in the incredible views, so mind numbing in their vastness from your viewpoint in the gondola suspended below the balloon. Revel in the extraordinary perspective, seeing animals from above, being able to cross the plains where no ground-based visitor is allowed as you skim over the grass, peering into areas that nobody can see from the ground. Even after you land it’s not all over, you still have the champagne toast to come, followed by our incredible, quintessential safari bush breakfast under an acacia tree, all before 10am!

Booking a private balloon flight will make this once-in-a-lifetime experience even more special.

The best way to do so is to make this experience entirely private, whether you are a couple looking for the most intimate safari experience or perhaps a family or a group of friends, who want to make this this extraordinary morning all the more special by having it all to yourselves. You would have entirely private transfers, the whole balloon for you and your own private breakfast, just you and this magical morning to enjoy with your closest and dearest.

Private balloons are available most days of the year, but it is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment, especially in peak seasons.

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