Experiences to Celebrate Special Occasions


How would you mark a special occasion? Life is too precious to let them slip by without marking the celebration with an unforgettable event.

Sometimes you are lacking in inspiration, searching Amazon or Etsy for something interesting or clever yet nothing quite fits the occasion. Some gifts also might seem unnecessary if the person has ‘everything they need’.

Celebrate a Special Occasion with a Serengeti Balloon Safari in Tanzania

These days I find that experiences are so much more worthwhile as a way to celebrate a loved-one’s birthday, or an anniversary to just to say to someone how special they are to you. Experiences have a depth that other gifts just can’t match and of all the experiences in the world, a Serengeti Balloon Safari has got to be one of the very best. It is such a unique and breathtaking way to spend a morning in Serengeti or Ruaha that almost all of our guests tell us that it was the best thing that they did on their entire safari. And safaris are pretty special in their own right!

Marriage Proposal in a Hot Air Balloon!

If you’re considering an incredible and unusual way to make a proposal perhaps, how about doing it in the open air of a wicker basket suspended hundreds of feet above the magical African landscape? It would be hard to find a more romantic proposal than that!

It is also customary for us to make a celebration of the flight after we land. We use this lovely opportunity to celebrate any other occasions that need celebrating like birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and achievements in life, with a refreshing glass of bubbly in hand and together with the warm glow of the incredible morning that you’ve had, it’s the perfect way to mark a special occasion.

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