The Spirit of Swahili Style with Serengeti Balloon Safaris


When we developed our hot air balloon safari over 30 years ago, we wanted to create an extraordinary dining experience to culminate our guests' thrilling ride over the Serengeti plains. We imagined a luxurious breakfast under the acacias, echoing the lavish safari era captured in classic book and film β€œOut of Africa”.

Although it was a challenging time for travel, that bygone safari heyday prized comfort in the bush. Fine linens, silverware, and Swahili staff in traditional khanzu tunics and kofia hats were trademarks of a luxury safari.

While times have changed, we feel strongly about honoring that spirit of Swahili style. Our waiters don their own khanzu and kofia to welcome guests to their bush breakfast, bridging the past and present. The uniforms affirm our commitment to an exceptional experience from balloon ascent to the last sip of champagne.

By incorporating Swahili elements into our staff dress, we hope to transport guests back to a romantic era of exploration and elegance in the wilds of Africa. The vivid colors and flowing fabrics of the khanzu suit capture the essence of Swahili culture and its integral role in the history of African safaris.

Tanzania is the heart of global Swahili culture, which we proudly celebrate. Our uniforms represent a heritage that remains vital today, just as in the past. The khanzu and kofia connect us to a culture promoted by Tanzania's founding president Mwalimu Julius Nyerere to foster unity. This cohesive spirit makes Tanzania one of Africa's most peaceful nations. Our attire reflects an ongoing cultural identity that makes Tanzania uniquely special.

Though we provide a modern balloon adventure, this traditional attire links us to the celebrated safari days of the past. Our waiters continue that legacy of Swahili hospitality today. From their warm greeting and graceful service at the bush breakfast, they create an unforgettable morning on the Serengeti plains.

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