The serious side of "lighter than air aviation"

The safety of our passengers is the common thread that runs through our entire operation. Be it the extra lengths we go to in order to recruit, train and monitor every pilot who flies with us, or constantly looking for ways to make our equipment the best it can be, safety is always at the forefront of everything we do. Thirty years of experience of flying balloons in Tanzania has given us unique knowledge of the particular vagaries of the local conditions. As a matter of course, we take our responsibility as pioneers seriously and play an active role in ensuring that the standards for safe ballooning in Tanzania are the highest they can be. Our entire operation is guided by a safety protocol, which is constantly reviewed and updated according to the latest international practice.


In safe hands

All our pilots are trained to the highest international standards, with large commercial balloon pilot licences from Tanzania and at least one other country and they are thoroughly experienced in local conditions.


We know our stuff

We have 30 years experience of operating hot-air balloons in Tanzania and are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure passenger safety.


The safest kit

All our balloons have passenger safety belts, rapid deflations systems, steel skids and baskets reinforced with Lexan panels, all of which make them safer.


The safest practices

Our policies and procedures are guided by safety, we run an ICAO-standard Safety Management System, our maxima and minima are well within the manufacturers limits and our self-imposed rules are dictated by safety.


The best cover

We carry the most comprehensive passenger liability and 3rd party insurance available.


The bigger picture

We are a fully licensed commercial airline, regulated by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and subject to an annual inspection. We play an active part in setting the national standards for safe operation of hot-air ballooning in Tanzania.


Safety first, every time

All our flights operate on a safety-first principle. Our pilots run through a rigorous pre-flight checklist and if he or she is not completely happy with conditions and wind speed at the time of take off, the flight will not go ahead.


Always improving

We work consistently with the manufacturers to improve our balloons, all of which are retired long before they are considered technically to be at the end of their life.

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