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If you have a question about our balloon safaris, you may find the answer below but if not, please do email us on

Do I need to book in advance?

We do strongly recommend that you book in advance with your tour operator. We have limited capacity and this exclusive adventure is frequently fully booked. 

When is the best time of year for ballooning in Serengeti?

We are fortunate that the weather in the Serengeti is suitable for ballooning almost every day of the year. We fly in the following areas every morning:

Serengeti - Central – Year Round Serengeti/Ngorongoro - Ndutu - 20 Dec – 31 March

Serengeti - Western - June - October

Serengeti - Northern - 01 July - 15 November

Safari wildlife viewing varies depending on the time of year and location, and the wildebeest migration moves through the ecosystem year-round so although there are no guarantees, if you're in the right place at the right time, you have a good chance of seeing plenty of wildlife.

When is the best time of year for ballooning in Ruaha?

Ruaha has ideal conditions for ballooning. We currently fly every morning during the main season: Ruaha - June – October.

Things to see on safari here vary greatly from the Serengeti and the scenery and wildlife are both very different.

What about the "rainy season"?

We prefer to call them the GREEN SEASONS. The ‘long rains’ (late March to early June) & the ‘short rains’ (November to mid December). In the Serengeti, the great migration passes through Central Serengeti during the green seasons. At these times it USUALLY rains late afternoon and during the night. Mornings are USUALLY bright and clear with gentle winds (ideal ballooning weather!). The landscape is lush, green and dust free (yes, your vehicle may get stuck in the mud – but our balloon won’t!) In Ruaha – rains tend to fall from November to April/May. During the rest of the year, rain is unusual but as ever, we can’t completely predict the weather.

Do you operate year round?

Yes, we operate daily throughout the year in central Serengeti. We operate seasonally in the following areas in Serengeti and Ruaha:

Serengeti - Central – Year Round

Serengeti/Ngorongoro - Ndutu - 20 Dec – 31 March

Serengeti - Western - June – October

Serengeti - Northern - 01 July - 15 November

Ruaha - June – October

A typical day on safari can now include an early morning balloon flight and a different perspective on Ruaha and the Serengeti!

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, we do not carry children under the age of 7 years. There is no upper age limit, however passengers must be reasonably mobile, fit to fly and prepared for an adventure. Ballooning is not suitable for pregnant ladies, people with mobility or health conditions (heart conditions, brittle bones, neck or back conditions). Passengers must be able to bend their knees, hold on to rope handles with both hands for take-off and landing and be able to climb into and out of the basket. Balloon passenger weights are calculated at an average of 80 kgs. Passengers weighing 50% + more than this (i.e. 120kgs / 265lbs / 19 stone) may be charged for two places.

I am on an organised safari with a set itinerary. Can I do this?

Yes, providing you are staying at any of the central Serengeti lodges or camps or (seasonally) in any of the western corridor lodges / camps or (again seasonally) at any Serengeti South lodges or camps or those in the Ndutu area. We also now operate seasonally in North Serengeti and we can collect you from almost all of the camps in that area. You can also fly provided you are staying at any of the centrally located camps in Ruaha. We collect you before the flight from your lodge/camp early morning and return you to the rendezvous point at 9.45am to join the rest of your party & continue your day’s activities. We aim to provide a perfect complement to your safari wildlife viewing.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

It can be cool in the early morning, but often warm later, therefore a jacket or sweater that can be removed later is a good idea. A hat is recommended (particularly for the ‘follically challenged) as radiant heat from the burners can be uncomfortable. We suggest long trousers, long sleeves, preferably in natural fibres and stout shoes. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars. You can bring a camera bag or small backpack with you in the balloon.

I'm scared of heights. Can I balloon?

A surprising number of our passengers admit to having a fear of heights, but almost all of them have said they are so pleased that they took the flight and that their worries were unfounded. Do take a look at our Testimonials or TripAdvisor for firsthand accounts.

How much does it cost?

The price is US$599 ($580 in Ngorongoro Conservation Area and $575 in Ruaha) per person all inclusive in a shared balloon.  This includes collection from your camp or lodge (early!) and transfer to the launch site for a sunrise take-off.  After a wonderful flight of approximately 1 hour, gently floating over the Serengeti, we will celebrate with a champagne toast on landing and then a ‘full English’ breakfast under an acacia tree. We will return you to your safari guide at around 09.45 at the Seronera Visitors Centre or some other mutually agreed location to continue with your safari.

The price does not include park entry fees, which are usually covered in the tour operator package.

Why is ballooning expensive?

Our balloons each cost over US $100,000 but we retire them after only 850 hours to ensure that they are in top condition. They use a significant amount of fuel per flight and involve a minimum crew of six men plus professional pilot to get them in the air plus a further ten employees behind the scenes for each balloon. In addition, there are the retrieving vehicles, logistics, back up etc. We operate in a remote area. There is a very substantial sum in the form of concession fees for every passenger to Tanzania National Parks towards conservation funds. Please see our Testimonials. The vast majority of guests say that it is among the best activities to do on safari and great value.

Can you collect us from Arusha?

We are sorry to say that we cannot do that. We can only collect you from your camp or lodge near to one of our launch sites in Serengeti. We are a specialised company, focusing only on the hot air balloon safari, breakfast and associated transfers.

There are many reputable local tour operators, who can arrange all the other parts of a wonderful safari in Northern Tanzania. If you need recommendations, please contact us.

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We partner with many reputable tour operators and you can book your wonderful balloon safari  through one of them. If you have any difficulty booking Serengeti Balloon Safaris at any point, please do get in touch using the form below:

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