Wildebeest Calving Season Begins


The Great Wildebeest Migration have arrived on the short grass plains of South Serengeti National Park. The vast herds today stretch from Naabi Hill to Kusini and south towards Maswa. Bang on que, it being the first week of February, the females have begun to drop their calves. An incredible 8,000 calves may be born each day over the next weeks. This provides a bonanza for predators with lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena making the most of opportunities. The synchronising of so many females giving birth over the same period however boosts the survival chances of individual young calves.

Todays Serengeti Balloon Safari in Serengeti South started with soft winds and a beautiful sunrise. The flight was for an hour and twelve minutes, floating over the amazing wildlife spectacle of countless wildebeest and new-born calves for the entire duration of the flight. Other sightings from the balloon today included eland, giraffe, ostrich, grants gazelle and many bird species. We eventually landed close to Kusini Camp. Our guests were delighted.

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