Enjoying a Serengeti Balloon Safari is a lifetime experience like no other, offering unparalleled panoramic views of gorgeous landscapes and wildlife in a peaceful and majestic manner. While the cost of such a venture may initially seem high, understanding what factors contribute to its price can significantly reassure potential guests about the value of this unique experience.

Specialist Equipment

Firstly, balloon safaris are expensive due to the specialized equipment and maintenance required. Hot air balloons, by their nature, demand high-quality materials for construction, including the envelope (the balloon part), the basket and the burners, which must adhere to stringent aviation safety standards. A balloon costs as much as a luxury car but ours will typically only last 3-4 years before retirement as we retire them well before they start failing inspections.

At Serengeti Balloon Safaris we complete regular maintenance and inspections twice as often as required by the manufacturers, these are conducted by certified professionals, further adding to the operational costs and ensuring that every flight meets the highest safety standards.

Additionally, the skill and expertise of the pilot are crucial. Pilots must undergo extensive training and acquire specific certifications to operate hot-air balloons. We only select the most experienced and competent pilots to fly the green and gold of a Serengeti Balloon Safaris balloon as we believe that they significantly enhance our guest experience.

Operational Logistics

Operational logistics also play a major role in the cost. We offer our balloon safaris in some of the world’s most breathtaking and remote locations. Transporting the heavy and voluminous equipment and supplies required for balloon safaris to Serengeti, Ruaha and Tarangire is logistically challenging and costly. Furthermore, Serengeti Balloon Safaris transfers our guests from their camp or lodge (early in the morning!), we provide a champagne celebration on landing and our quintessential β€˜Out of Africa’ style champagne breakfast, in the shade of a tree in the middle of the wilderness.

Contribution to Conservation

Conservation fees also included in the cost of balloon safaris. Operating in these wonderful and ecologically sensitive parks, involves fees that contribute to Tanzania National Parks conservation efforts. These fees help maintain the natural habitats of the wildlife that our guests come to see and support the preservation efforts of these magnificent areas for future generations. In addition, Serengeti Balloon Safaris contributes to the Serengeti De-snaring Project and off-sets our carbon footprint with Carbon Tanzania as well as supporting local schools, impact organisations and NGOs.

Priceless Memories

Lastly, the memories and experiences garnered from a balloon safari are priceless. Floating silently over expansive savannas or dramatic landscapes at sunrise offers a moment of peace and connectivity with nature that is rare and profoundly moving. This experience is not just a simple tour; it is an immersive engagement with nature and a chance to see the world from a new and exhilarating perspective.

Thus, while a balloon safari does come with a higher cost, the safety, expertise, experience, and exclusivity it offers, combined with its support for local conservation efforts, provide more than enough justification for the investment. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that goes beyond ordinary travel, offering deep, memorable engagements with some of the most untouched parts of the world.

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