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What are the best things to do in Serengeti?

What are the best things to do in Serengeti?

People often ask me 'what are the best things to do in Serengeti?' Well, the whole expereince of being on safari in this amazing national park is absolutely full of  wonder and couldn't be more  highly  recommended, but  what if  you've chosen to come on safari and you want to make the most of  your  time here?


Of course, I am going to tell you that  you definitely  won't regret choosing a balloon safari as one of your excursions, a  quick scan  of  our TripAdvisor  reviews should convince you of that; so many people say that it was the highlight of their safari. One of the things that isn't often explicitly mentioned is that  you get  to see the area from above, and if  you are  anything like me and  you like to situate yourself and know where you are, the perspective from the balloon will help you to know where you are amongst the surroundings of serengeti for the rest of  your stay.


The migration? Yes, that is  why many people come - the sheer volume of biomass is humbling, the noises fill the  air  and it is  an unforgettable  spectacle.  But  don't let it dominate your wildlife viewing in case you miss all the other extraordinary things that are there to be seen.


Cats!  Big and small, Serengeti is blessed with plenty of cats of all shapes and sizes, the majesty of the  lions, elusiveness and beauty of the leopards, sheer elegance of the cheetah, incredible to be able to see them. Also there are the smaller members of the family, serval, caracal and the wild cats, which come in all manner of colours in the southern plains and Ndutu.


Hippo Pools. Whether in Central Serengeti, Western or Northern, the hippos are well worth a visit, in the Seronera, Grumeti or Mara rivers, stop and see, hear and smell them!


Picnic in the wilds. If you can take  a picnic breakfast  or lunch with you, it is worth it, ask your guide or camp manager to help arrange it and then stop in one of the  many picnicing areas to enjoy the priviledge of filling your tummy and your senses at the same time.


The Scenery. Serengeti is gorgeous even without the animals!  Marvel at the short grass plains, fill your horizons with the hills and mesas of central and northern serengeti, enjoy the woodland of Ndutu or the forests of the Western Corridor and the acacia-studded plains and riverlines of North and Central Serengeti.


The Weather. No, I'm not being funny here, when you have skies  as big as this, there's almost always some spectacular weather happening somewhere in sight, usually providing an awesome backdrop to your photos and views.


What have I missed? Soooo much but that will have to be for another post!

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