What are the best activities that I should include on my safari?


Game Driving

Viewing the amazing wildlife and scenery from a vehicle is the most common activity usually taken during a safari holiday. It is the best way to see the most in the shortest amount of time, that’s why everyone almost always does it, it works! Different types of vehicle are available, closed game viewing cars are the most common, very useful for longer distances and/or inclement weather, they tend to keep out the rain, wind and dust and they usually have a roof hatch or 2, so you can stand up and look out the top. A rewarding alternative are open cars and in theory, we should be using them all the time, you are in the open, you feel closer to nature, your panorama of views is wonderful. Just remember, they aren’t quite so much fun on a long drive, too much wind in your hair! Or dust or rain…

Balloon Safari

A safari holiday is incredibly informative and rewarding, you learn so much! It’s also quite a serious business, so what better way to break it up than to completely overwhelm your senses with a hot air balloon safari? Floating over the wildlife and countryside in a hot air balloon is an extraordinarily joyful experience! Something that is almost always the very best thing that our guests have done on their entire safari. Imagine standing in the open air of a wicker and leather balloon basket, leaning over the side and gazing at the incredible wild countryside, searching for animals and birds on the ground and trees below as you float across the savannah, it’s an absolute wonder.


Taking a walking safari, whether it is a multi-day affair or a short stroll around your camp, is an incredibly rewarding experience and people don’t do it enough. On foot, you stop feeling like an observer of this gorgeous natural world, now you feel like you are part of it, and that adds a level of excitement. You also see the small things that you would never see in a vehicle, the grasses or the tracks or the dung, the signs and smells that tell you deeper stories than just a scan out of your car window could ever do.

Dining under a Tree

It’s the quintessential safari experience! Fine dining al fresco, surrounded by incredible scenery and maybe some charismatic megafauna, what could be a more wonderful experience than that?


Somewhere along the line, this became an essential safari experience and it’s a great one. Sipping a G&T (or your favourite tipple) in the middle of the wilds of Africa, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the end of the day, as you reflect on all the extraordinary experiences that it has given you is one of the best moments of a safari.


There is so little ambient light at night in the bush that it’s a fabulous opportunity to really see deep into the night sky, brush up on your constellations, look for planets or just tell stories under that star-studded blanket that is the African night.


Safari is a photographer’s paradise. You get a chance to capture all our wonderful animals, see if you can make the scenery seem as alive and breathtaking as it is in front of your eyes, enjoy the patterns of the acacia leaves against the sky or try and bring some movement into a running zebra. Here’s a tip, it is often possible to hire the telephoto lenses that you would otherwise so rarely use, look it up before you leave.

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