Updates from Serengeti


Well, it is amazingly quiet in the Serengeti now, but just because very few people are on safari these days, it doesn't mean that there aren't amazing natural spectacles taking place across the Serengeti all of the time, and they will be happening just as much when guests are able to return, which we hope to be soon. We will keep you updated with some of our favourite photos during this tricky time, when so few people can travel, just to allow us all to dream a little and enjoy this wonderful place through our screens. What are we up to during this unexpected lull? Most of our staff are at home, for many it is their normal leave time, as this is our low season. All of our junior staff will be receiving their full salaries for the next couple of months and those higher up in our team have agreed to some salary cuts in order to keep the company strong enough to return with the best, safest and most thoughtful Serengeti balloon safari experiences when our guests start to return. Our team in Seronera have been using this time to spruce up our equipment, to ensure that it is all in tip-top condition, painting, sewing, polishing and planning, so that we are perfectly prepared for when our guests are able to travel again.

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