Serengeti Lion Project – adopted cub


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Now one-and-a-half years old, Balloo is healthy and strong – despite growing up with nine brothers!

The Mukoma Gypsies pride that Balloo belongs to has been difficult to find lately, having wandered far from their normal home near the hippo pool. In May, Lion Research Project researcher, Daniel Rosengren flew with FZS in search of the pride. He found them following the migration on the open plains between Moru and Naabi.

Although they’ve since returned to their normal territory, they’ve apparently been tricky to find still. They may be hiding because new males have been seen in the area. Nisse, from the Mukoma Hill pride, and Sotis, from Tower Hill, teamed up to form a coalition and are on the prowl to take over a pride of their own. They seem to have their eyes set on the Mukoma Gypsies pride, and some of the Mukoma Gypsies females have been seen together with them. For Balloo and her brothers, socializing with Nisse and Sotis could prove mortal, so for the time being, Balloo, her brothers, and their moms are laying low and keeping their distance.

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