Easter Time in the Serengeti


If you’re thinking about visiting the Serengeti and hoping to catch a glimpse of the incredible wildebeest migration, then you might be wondering what time of year is the best time to go.

There are several factors that come into play when making this decision – such as weather, costs, and how busy it will be – but we think you might want to consider Easter time.

Dry season

Many people consider the best time to visit Tanzania and the Serengeti National Park is in the dry season (from June to October). This period offers good wildlife viewing in general, particularly in regards to the wildebeest migration.

If hot, sunny weather is a must for you then a trip during this time could be best suited. However, it can get crowded with visitors and might even be more expensive. As wildlife viewing is excellent throughout the year, the wet season does have its benefits too.

Green season

In the Serengeti, the green season runs from November to May, with wildebeest calving a particular highlight in south Serengeti and the Ndutu area during January and February.

At Easter time, it is often rainy and the roads can be trickier to pass. This means that there aren’t nearly as many visitors, so you can enjoy the majesty of the Serengeti without feeling too much like a tourist. In fact, you may feel as though you are the only people there.

During this time, the scenery is lush and bird-watching is at its best, so you won’t miss out on any wildlife spotting – particularly when viewing the majestic plains of the Serengeti from the air during a balloon safari.

Don’t let the fact it’s the green season put you off. While rainfall can be frequent and heavy, it’s an incredible sight in itself and will make your trip to Tanzania even more memorable.

Wildebeest migration

It’s around Easter time when the wildebeest migration will be thinking of moving north from the short grass plains in the south, where they’ve been since the beginning of the year. With the heavy rainfalls, there can be many opportunities for spectacular weather to be seen and photographed.

Central Serengeti in particular is best during April to May, as the wildebeest depart from their calving grounds of the short grass plains to the south and make their way northwards. They often disperse around this time, with some heading up central and eastern Serengeti and others making their way to the north via the western side.

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to witness the wildebeest as they follow the rainfall at Easter time in the Serengeti.

Our pilots not only have years of experience in harnessing the African wind, but they’re also expert interpreters of the wild lives in the ebb and flow of the landscape below. So you can be sure they know all the best places to find the best views – any time of year.

If you’re thinking of booking a balloon safari for your trip to Tanzania next Easter, get in touch and we’ll help you plan your perfect morning.

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