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We're lucky that balloons safaris can be so photogenic. Over the years we've seen some fabulous images taken by our guests and we'd love to show more here. If you've taken some photos that you're particularly pleased with, we'd be delighted to show them here. If your images are over 2MB in size, please email [email protected] via We transfer with your uploaded images.

Hippos in the Seronera River by John Cloud

A hippo out of the water in April 2023 by John Cloud

Hippos in the Seronera River by John Cloud

An almost studio shot of an olive baboon in a wild date palm tree by John Cloud

One of a series of lovely pictures from April 2023 by John Cloud

Beautiful photo of a Serengeti Balloon Safaris Balloon over Lake Ndutu in 2023 captured by Eric Stein

Ron Cheyney captured this waterhole shaped just like Africa!

Spotted, Hyena. With or without the comma. Steven Channen, North Serengeti

A fish eagle perched on an acacia tree surveying the Mara River by Steven Channen

A crocodile basking on the banks of the Mara River from Steven Channen

Sunrise reflected in the Mara River by Steven Channen

Elias Turk took this moody photo in the haze of a Seronera dry season sunrise

Jonathan Smith took this flying over the Grumeti River

Wildebeest Herds in Central Serengeti

Elephant in Central Serengeti

A lovely image of 2 balloons in the Seronera Valley from Elias Turk

Hippo in the Seronera River

Ron Zaritsky perfectly captures our chase crew in the balloon shadow.

A lovely Serengeti Sunrise Pic captured by Ron Zaritsky

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