When is the best time of year for ballooning in Serengeti?

We are fortunate that the weather in the Serengeti is suitable for ballooning almost every day of the year.

We fly in the following areas every morning: Central Serengeti : Year Round. Ndutu Area, Ngorongoro Conservation Area/Serengeti: 20 Dec – 31 March. Western Serengeti: 15 May – October. Northern Serengeti: 15 June - 15 January. Safari wildlife viewing varies depending on the time of year and location, and the wildebeest migration moves through the ecosystem year-round so although there are no guarantees, if you're in the right place at the right time, you have a good chance of seeing plenty of wildlife.

In Serengeti, it mostly rains in the afternoons, evenings or night time, early morning is the driest part of the day and that's when we fly!

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