It’s wonderful to be flying in Serengeti


It has been wonderful to be flying again almost every day this week, mostly in Northern Serengeti, where the migrating herds are in full force, over to Capt Zumo for this morning's flight: "Hello Everyone, Another beautiful flight again here at Kogatende with light wind on take-off and 18 ° degrees of ambient temperature. Before we were airborne, we had a nice sunrise over Nyamalumbwa hills reflected over the Mara river and had awesome views, which were loved by all our guests. Then we flew over a first woodland and saw some impalas, vultures, eagles and few marabou storks around. As we continued with our flight and this time far south of the Mara river, we just enjoyed the panoramic scenery of the northern Serengeti and beautiful Meandering mara river. Then we ascended higher and reached 1,700 fees agl and stay there for while before descending slowly again to tree-top height that made us to see some few cape elands, few zebras, scattered different groups of wildebeest, three hyaenas, giraffes, and a male ostrich, all close enough for a picture. Afterwards we made a nice rotation of the basket of 360° degrees over hundreds of wildebeest mingled with few zebras here and there, which all passengers loved. Then back higher and enjoyed the last panoramic view before made our final stand up landing over mara mara road. All our guests were very happy and enjoyed the whole flight experience with Serengeti balloon Safaris." These are absolutely magical experiences to be had in Serengeti and we are delighted that we are able to share them with those who are able to travel. For those that aren't, I hope that this gives you a taste of what you may be able to enjoy soon.

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