Our balloons are sourced from the world leading manufacturers, Cameron Balloons, Ultramagic Globos and Lindstrand Balloons. Built to ‘custom safari specifications’ the baskets are high walled for comfort and security and divided into passenger compartments each providing an outside view. There are seat squabs to sit on for launch and landing. Our balloon envelope colours are acacia green and savannah gold to blend harmoniously with the colours of the Serengeti. We have 8, 12 and 16 passenger balloons.

Here are a couple of clips on how they are made:

How it’s made – Hot Air Balloon Basket

How Ultra Magic Balloons are made

Balloon burners are ‘stealth’ and ‘whisper’ providing power with less disturbance to game.

All balloons are equipped with the following safety equipment: Flytec (altimeter, variometer, remote temperature sensor), GPS, Air band radio, VHF radio, flint striker, fire extinguisher, JAR-OPS 3.745 Aviation First Aid Kit, map, Quick shut off valves on all tanks, pilot restraint, passenger restraints, Kevlar sidewall panels, rope passenger handles, seat squabs, padded sidewalls, padded top rail, factory fitted deflation system, turning vents.