Pushparaj K

"Serengetti balloon safari"

Serengetti view and river view and I recommned Serengeti baloon safari company for future guests. They experienced team members and appreciated their prompt action on time.

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Naomi W

"Best Part of The Serengeti"

This experience far exceeded what I was expecting. The money is more than worth it. Don’t even think about skipping this. Luxurious all the way! Amazing service and even better views. Definitely a must do.

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"Once in a lifetime trip"

If you’re like me, you spend every minute leading up to the balloon safari wondering if it will be worth the money. It’s a lot. That’s for certain. But this trip. This activity. To have been given the opportunity to hover over the most beautiful animals in the world…to breathe in some of the least polluted air in the world. (By the way you get way lower to the ground than you’d expect with Cap Abeid). And then To enjoy a delicious breakfast in the bush… yes. This trip is worth it. The money is worth it. It’s worth going. This felt like a once in a life time trip as it was but this balloon ride made it easily the best vacation I’ve ever taken. Captain Abeid, Mike, and the photographer @kingsonmazee (insta) were attentive, kind and seemed intent on us enjoying every minute of this trip. Can’t say enough good about this trip. Also…ginger coffee? Yes.

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"One Word: Unforgettable"

What an incredible experience! From pick-up to the jaw-dropping balloon safari to the scrumptious post-ride champagne breakfast in the middle of the Serengeti. Every single part of this experience was meticulously planned and executed perfectly. And the whole team is truly an asset. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they were so proactive in helping everyone out (thanks for the amazing photos!) To be completely honest, I nearly didn’t book this because I thought it was overpriced. How wrong I was?! I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thank you for unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

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Chris C

"Breath in and believe you’re really there"

Absolutely wonderful experience. Arriving in the red dawn to the sound of our balloon being filled. We were well prepared by our pilot and the lift off was thrilling. The sights of the Serengeti below us, the beautiful animals and excitement of it all was only added to by the elegant remote breakfast served to us. A very expensive but well worth it life experience.

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Dzyia E


This was the cherry on top of my Serengeti safari birthday experience. I was already having an amazing three days prior and it was my last day (my birthday) I had already told myself it can't get any better than this but it did. Waking up at 4 am wasn't the best however it was great as I got to have a mini night game drive which isn't an activity offered in the Serengeti and I mean every day on safari you have to be up at 5 am! Anyway back to the balloon, it was the most breathtaking and serene thing I have ever done in my entire life. I highly recommend it to ANYONE visiting the Serengeti for their first, second, or even third time as I think it was one of the highlights of my trip and there were many. The staff made me feel so welcomed as I was a solo traveller which was also very nice, and who doesn't want champagne after a Hot Air Balloon ride at 9 in the morning?

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"Epic balloon trip"

Best balloon trip by far. Very professional outfit which always feel much safer. Teenagers loved it as did the adults - with the breakfast after especially appreciated. The driver who took us to the launch site even gave us a 4 am safari as well.

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"Best Experience in the Serengeti!"

As a bespoke Safari specialist we are very particular with whom we choose to work with on the Ground in Africa. Serengeti Balloon Safaris is without a doubt one of the best! We have been working with them for many years; sending our guests from all over the world to experience this unique experience! The guests get to view the Serengeti from the Sky where vehicles would not normally reach. As the Balloon climbs the sun rises. Imagine gliding over the plains watching the wildlife roam freely under you. This is just one of the most magical expeirence you will have which will leave you with lasting memories. To end this incredible expeirence you will have the most delicious Breakfast in the bush. This sets you up for the rest of the day to enjoy the endless plains of the Serengeti. This is a MUST for anyone visiting Serengeti.

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Julia N


It was as an awesome experience, which I will never forget! If you have the chance to do it: dont think about the money - just do it!

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"Serengeti Ballon Experience!"

FANTASTIC, and a highlight of our 2 week safari trip. Don’t miss this! Lovely English breakfast and champagne toasting after the flight. Comfortable, beautiful sights of the Migration. Loved hearing the pilot share ballooning history. Photos that were done by the on board photographer were excellent!! Thanks for the adventure Serengeti Balloon Safaris!

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