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Updates from Serengeti

Well, it is amazingly quiet in the Serengeti now, but just because very few people are on safari these days, it doesn't mean that there aren't amazing natural spectacles taking place across the Serengeti all of the time, and they will be happening just as much when guests are able to return, which we hope to be soon. We will keep you…


We've started offsetting our carbon

As we all begin to understand our responsibilities for the environment that we depend on, we are developing ways to mitigate our activities. Here at Serengeti Balloon Safaris, we've been working on a Sustainability Policy, and though it isn't ready yet, one of the key elements is to offset the carbon that we consume.


Our Breakfast

If you've ever fantasised about transporting yourself into those iconic scenes from Out of Africa, you'll appreciate the romanticism of the Swahili dress, so elegantly worn in that film. As a celebration of the journeys that brought both the Swahili culture from the East African coast to the higher climes of the Serengeti all those…


The Hard Edge of the Migration

It was the renowned wildlife photographer/filmmaker Baron Hugo van Lawick (one time husband of Jane Goodall the famous primatologist), who coined the term 'hard edge of the migration', saying that it was only from the air that you could see it (Hugo was a regular passenger with Serengeti Balloon Safaris). Have a look at this photo, taken…

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