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New Website goes live

Like one of your first safari cars, or even balloons, our trusted old website has done us so well, but it is time to upgrade to a newer model. After months of work we can finally announce that our new website is live, you are looking at it now. In this picture, Redempta, Huvira, Glory and Oliver from our Arusha office are looking at it…


Always Improving

We are always working with our manufacturers to improve our equipment. Here you can see a visit earlier this year of the team from Ultramagic Globos working with us on our newest N-425 to improve some of the pulleys and rope networks to attain more responsive performance. Now these balloons are even more accurate to fly!


New Solar Power System

In 2018, we installed a completely new power system at our base in Seronera. Gone is the row of smelly, harmful generators, replaced with 150 solar panels and these 7 little batteries. Plus a lot of waiting and some clever boxes. This means that we can save over 30,000 litres of diesel per year and all of the associated carbon and other…


The game viewing from our balloons in Serengeti South has been absolutely breathtaking!

Jonathan’s flight report from today (24 Jan 18)


Serengeti South Flight Report 08/01/2018

We had a wonderful flight in Serengeti South this morning with a gentle take off at 6:40 with 10 passengers on board. We flew over the top of the Ngorongoro triangle with wonderful wildlife sightings including two honey badgers, a huge python sitting in a birds nest on top of a tree, gigantic herds of wildebeest and zebra, Thompson,…

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