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If you have a question about our balloon safaris, you may find the answer below but if not, please do email us on


What extra precautions will are you taking to prevent coronavirus infection of guests or staff?

What extra precautions will are you taking to prevent coronavirus infection of guests or staff?

These are the measures that we are taking now to futher enhance guest and staff safety:


1.    Staff temperature check at the start of each day.

2.    Hand Sanitisers available in each vehicle.

3.    Staff, including pilots, to have washable facemasks.

4.    Guests to be issued with disposable facemasks if they don’t have their own.

5.    Vehicles to be disinfected after each day.

6.    Baskets to be disinfected before passengers board.

7.    Guest temperature check when met for transfer.

8.    All guests to have window seats in vehicles, no middle seat.

9.    More space per person at breakfast.

10.    Waiters to wash hands every 15 minutes during breakfast and Champagne toast.

11.    Hand washing stations available at Breakfast and Toast.


For flights that take place before September 2020, we will reduce the number of guests per basket compartment, unless they are all from the same party, in order to provide some social distancing but it must be understood that, like all aviation, 2m social distancing will not be possible.


We will monitor the situation and official advice from IATA and other authorities, where relevant, and will update you as to any changes.


With the global coronavirus pandemic are you open now? If you are closed, when will you reopen?


Do I need to book in advance?


When is the best time of year for ballooning in Serengeti?


What about the “rainy season”?


Do you operate year round?


Are there any restrictions?


I am on an organised safari with a set itinerary. Can I do this?


What should I wear? What should I bring?


I’m scared of heights. Can I balloon?


How much does it cost?


Why is ballooning expensive?


Can you collect us from Arusha?

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