What extra precautions are you taking to prevent coronavirus infection of guests or staff?

These are the measures that we take to protect our staff and guests: 1. Staff temperature check if any staff member feels unwell. Temp < 37.8°C (±2°C). If any staff feel unwell and have a high temperature, they must be treated with caution and sent to the Serena Medical Centre for diagnosis and treatment. 2. Hand Sanitisers always available in each vehicle. 3. Staff, including pilots, to have washable facemask, washed daily. 4. Guests to be issued with disposable facemasks if they don’t have their own. Facemasks must be worn 100% in the transfer vehicle. 5. Vehicles to be cleaned after each day. 6. Baskets to be cleaned before passengers board. All surfaces to be wiped down. 7. All guests are encouraged to wear facemasks in the open air of the balloon. 8. More space per person at breakfast. 9. Hand washing stations available at Breakfast. 10. If guests feel unwell during SBS Service, their Tour Operator must be contacted for action to be taken. If no tour operator available, they must be taken to Four Seasons Medical Centre for diagnosis and treatment. 11. All SBS staff in contact with guests must be vaccinated with a Govt of Tanzania authorised coronavirus vaccine by 15th December 2021. This is for their own safety and for that of our guests. This means Managers, Pilots, Reps, Waiters and Chefs. We will monitor the situation and official advice from TCAA and other authorities, where relevant, and will update you as to any changes.

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