Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are some restrictions: Our minimum age is 7 years on the date of the flight. This comes from our Safety Management System and risk analysis. We understand that this could cause a problem for families with younger children, so we've come up with 2 alternatives: A: If the child is 6 years: Is the child over 1.4m? If not, can be mitigated with enhanced safety belt and the fitted seating cushion. Does the child speak English? This is needed for safety instructions. If yes, the child can fly safely with us. B: if we have guests with children under 6, we will bring them all with us to the launch site and the under-age children will be able to watch the launch and then follow the balloons with our team and be there when the rest of the family lands. They can then join in with the celebration of the flight and the 'full-English' bush breakfast. We will have a dedicated carer on hand to look after them and we won't charge a thing for those children who couldn't fly with the rest of their families. There is no upper age limit, however passengers must be reasonably mobile, fit to fly and prepared for an adventure. Ballooning is not suitable for pregnant ladies, people with mobility or health conditions (heart conditions, brittle bones, neck or back conditions). Passengers must be able to bend their knees, hold on to rope handles with both hands for take-off and landing and be able to climb into and out of the basket. Balloon passenger weights are calculated at an average of 80 kgs. Passengers weighing 50% + more than this (i.e. 120kgs / 265lbs / 19 stone) may be charged for two places.

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